Most effective ways of securing your Gmail account

How to keep your Gmail account effectively secured and know the latest ways of securing Gmail account from being hacked. The following guidelines will help you to ensure the safety of your Gmail account.

Almost each of us has at least one email address. Among other email services, Gmail is very popular and used by many people. Have you ever thought that on one nice day, you are suddenly unable to log into your Gmail account? To avoid the worst case, you should read and refer to the following ways of security, to ensure yourself a safe Gmail account.


Check URL before signing in Gmail

Before signing in Gmail, you should check the URL to see if there is something suspicious or not. Typically, when hackers want to hack your Gmail account, they will create a copy of the login page. You won’t be able to realize if you don’t check the URL.

After signing in Gmail account on the copy of the login page, your username and password will be sent to hacker. This will be very dangerous if your Email contains many important documents.

To ensure safety, you should make sure that you always log into Gmail by using the link:

Besides, you can enter Google homepage : and click Gmail on the Navigation.

Limit to check E-mail in public places

Using a public computer which you can’t control, you’ll never know what programs have already been installed on that computer. This will be very dangerous if that computer is installed Keylogger program. Keylogger is a program which is used to record manipulations you have typed on the keyboard, after recording and saving these manipulations, it will send the record to an email address predefined in the program.

Use the secondary E-mail

Are you worrying about checking mail on a computer which is not safe enough or installed Keylogger? This will be a solution bringing safety for you if you usually have to check mail in public places.

Create a new Gmail account and choose the password different from the main Gmail account’s. After successfully creating a new Gmail account, log in main Gmail account, choose Settings and move to Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Fill the newly – created email in the Forwarding which is circle above and then click Save changes. So, when you want to check mail in any other places, you only have to log in the secondary Gmail account and remember to delete the inbox of this secondary Gmail account regularly.

Very important notes:Do not use this secondary email account to the recovery of the email. The use of secondary email is just to check email.

Following activities of Gmail account

You can keep track of the IP which has logged in to your Gmail account. This function will display all tasks of 10 latest times of login. Based on geographic location, IP address and time of access, the user will know what is happening.recently-used-devices

How to: Check if anyone else logged in your Gmail account.

Click on Details to see tasks of 10 latest times of login. recently-used-devices A detailed list of IP addresses, the National, the browser what previously logged into Gmail. If any threats are discovered, you should change the password for your Gmail account to be safer.

Check bad filters

Gmail filters can be used to forward sending e-mails and receive another e-mail. This is a major threat to your account as well as the security of your Gmail. The examination of this filter also received little attention, but to ensure the safety, you should also check if there are filters that you didn’t create or not, if so,delete them immediately and change the password for safety.

Always be alert and careful

When checking one e-mail, you’ll easily be taken in by fake e-mail if you don’t read the content and check from where the mail is sent carefully. If the contents of e-mail containing suspicious links or attachments that do not know what purpose of the sender is, you should not click on links or download attachments from unknown origin e-mail.

Another case is that the sender can change the address “From” into anything. The sender may impersonate Google’s e-mail to deceive you, so when you receive e-mail like that, the first thing to do is checking if you had performed any tasks before or not. If you suddenly receive an e-mail requiring you to change the password, it means that’s absolutely a fake e-mail.

Note: Gmail will never send you a request to change your password without reason or request from you. Therefore, if you suddenly receive an e-mail requiring you to change the password, it means someone is trying to deceive you by fake e-mail and usurp your Gmail account.

Choose yourself a safe password

These are also factors related to the safety of your Gmail account. The neglect and disregard password, setting the very vague password is easy to guess.

  • A password should include numbers and letters, especially with capital letters and special characters.
  • Do not use your telephone number, date of birth, or use your own name.
  • Select the password having the length of 10 characters.
  • Never write down your password on paper or store on the computer, or if you have written, you should replace the asterisk in a certain phase. For ex: thisis******* word.

To ensure the safety of your personal computer

You’ve done all above steps but they are not enough, because your account will be “snooping” if your own computer is not equipped with the security measures. You should install anti-virus software and regularly scan for viruses periodically to ensure your computer is in a safe condition.
If you check e-mail in another place or on another computer, make sure you log out your account after having finished checking mail.
Apart from the aforesaid things, you may refer to Gmail account security with a 2 layers password. This is the safest way of protecting your Gmail account.
Things seemed simple but very important. The security of Gmail is always necessary to avoid unfortunate situations. Hopefully,this article will help you to keep your Gmail account secure.

Most effective ways of securing your Gmail account
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