Lesson 7: Mail Filters and Auto reply messages

It is not by accident that Gmail now become one of the most popular services, at least for those who prefer using Web interface. However, there are some important features still lacking on Gmail. The filter on Gmail acts as a firewall which helps you prevent and limit the spam messages sent to your mailbox.

If you haven’t had a Gmail account, then read the instruction: How to create a Gmail account

How to enable automatic deleting spam on Gmail

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click on the Settings icon in the upper of the right of mailbox, select Settings.setting-filter-spam-gmail
  3. Click Filters and Blocked Addresses tab in Settings.
  4. Click on the link Creat a new filter.Filters-and-Blocked-Addresses
  5. In the “Has the words“, type keywords “in: spam“.create-filter-with-this-search
  6. Choose “Create Filter with this search“, then select “Delete it” and click “Create filter” to complete. However, this filter can not work in an absolutely accurate way, so sometimes, you also need to check the spam deleted in Trash folder.create-filter

How to setup Auto reply messages in Gmail

You are becoming busier with your work, you do not always have time to check mail and serve prissy customers. Therefore, to save time, all you need is to create a short content which suits for all mailing objects to reply to them automatically. Creating an Gmail automatic reply content will make customers as well as others feel satisfied with your services and your care.

You must login gmail account before performing these steps:

First, click on the cogwheel icon where the red arrow is pointing at on the Image 1:

Image 1. 

You’ll see a small window appear, then click Settings as shown on Image 2:
gmail-settingImage 2.

Then appearing the interface of main functions in the Settings.

Pull down the scroll until you see “Vacation responder” item.

You have stopped at the Vacation responder item. Follow the first red arrow, click mouse pointer at “Vacation responder on” then choose the first day and the last day you apply this feature. (the second red arrow)

In the line below, you can type the subject which can be a reason for not able to check mail, thanks to them for send mail to you. At Message box, you may leave the message which can be in any forms such as contacts, advertising, or any reasons you need to confess.

Follow the third red arrow, you can check this square if you only want people in your contacts to receive your auto reply messages. If not, all incoming messages can also receive your auto reply messages.

When you finish, click Save changes to complete the setting above.

Lesson 7: Mail Filters and Auto reply messages
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