Lesson 9: Gmail app, 7 cool tricks you must try

Gmail sign up so that you’ll have an E – mailbox which serves your work or entertainment on mobile phone. Today, Gmail or Google accounts can share many different useful services, so, how to sign up for a Gmail account. Let’s read instructions below.

Gmail account or Google account now not only receives mail, e-mail but also provides users with convenient services of Google, today we will guide you how to sign up Gmail account on phone for Android.

Sign up for a new Gmail account on Android

Step 1: Go to Settings> Accounts > Add account

Step 2: Choose Google account.

Add Google Account

Step 3: Choose New to Create a new one if you haven’t had an account yet.

Sign Into Google Account

Step 4: Fill in the account information

  • Fill in your full name
  • Fill in the name of the account you want to create. Note that the account name must be distinct. You should add some numbers or special characters.

Step 5: Create a password and recovery information. Having completed, click the icon as shown below to continue:

  • The password must be at least 8 characters. You should add both numbers and letters to enhance the privacy.
  • Recovery information: choose a security question and answer in case you lose your account or forget the password.

Step 6: Select things like the image below:

Google Account Setup

Step 7: Enter the authentication code that Google provides.

You can set up information of payment account in the future by press “Later”.

Step 8: Choose the icon as on the image to complete the installation.

Finish all those steps, you can sign in Gmail and use Gmail normally from now on.

Android Browser Sign-In

Gmail Account Settings

Gmail app for Android: 7 cool tricks you must try

Email is now an indispensable tool in our modern life. Of all kinds of Email, Google’s Gmail is chosen by most of users because of the simplicity and convenience of it. However, there are some tips for Gmail that makes your work become easier, but most people don’t know.
First, make sure your Android smartphone is running the latest version of Gmail. To do this, go to the Play Store and check whether Gmail has a new version, and if  there is, touch Update to download and install the latest version on your phone. Then you can apply some tricks that g.mailsignin.org shares below.

Merge multiple accounts into one inbox

If you have multiple Google accounts, each time you want to check email in other accounts, you must log out and then log in Gmail many times. This is an inconvenience. That is the reason why Google added the feature combined inbox to Gmail. The latest version of Gmail allows you to see the inbox of multiple accounts simultaneously.


To use this utility feature, you have to add a new account to the menu on the left, just belows your avatar. After entering the correct login information, all incoming messages will appear in a public inbox in the menu on the left which allows you to see messages of all mailboxes simultaneously. However, if you want to see an individual mailbox, you can still switch between accounts by pulling-down the mouse pointer to the menu at the top corner.

Quick manipulations

In the latest version of Gmail app for Android, you can perform tasks easily and quickly. For example, if you want to archive messages, you can simply swipe to the left or right, or select multiple messages by tapping on the image representing each letter.


When messages are selected in this way, some actions will appear at the top of the screen such as Archive, Delete, Mark as read/unread. Other options are possibily accessed in the menu More ( a symbol with three vertical dots). Go to a specific conversation to choose Reply and Reply all at the top – right corner of the screen.

Sync messages

You will not receive new messages if your messages are not synchronized correctly. To synchronize data, go to Settings, and touch Accounts. Now you will see accounts associate with your device, tap an account to enable syncing.


In Gmail app, access the Settings menu, then click on the email address that you want to set up the synchronization. In which, you can set up how many days you want it to sync your messages . If you have problem in syncing, try to disconnect that account and then connect again. If the problem can’t be solved, you should uninstall and reinstall application.

Smart Search

Search feature in the application may look simple, but actually, it is not as easy as you think because it is almost similar to the web. For example, enter “older_than: 1Y” or “older_than: 1d” into search box to find older messages within 1 year or 1 day in Gmail.


Google provides a list of searching keywords in Gmail app as well as on the web. For example, type in “is: important,” , it will give you the result Important messages or “is: starred” to identify starred letters…

Mute Feature

While you are on your way, if you have notification of new message, you have to open the application to check mail immediately, but the message is not important, which is so time-consuming and inconvenient. Thus, Google has added Mute feature like on the web to the Gmail application. Messages from senders that you selected will not be notified when having a new message, however, these messages are automatically stored in the inbox, and are marked as unread.


To activate Mute mode, press select on the message, then touch the More menu (three vertical dots), which shows a list of tasks and you choose Mute. That feature has been enabled. You can still view the messages in the Archive by searching or filtering through labels.

Auto-advance feature

Auto-advance is a really useful feature when you have to work with many messages simultaneously. This feature helps you save time, when archiving or deleting a series of letters, the app will not come back anymore, but it’s inbox automatically navigate to the next message.

Auto-advance-featureIf you want to enable this feature in Gmail app for Android, go to Settings, then select General Settings, then touch Auto-advance. This time the screen will display a dialog box allowing you to choose that the app will go to new messages, old messages or return to the message list.

“Guide” Gmail to sort mail

Gmail has several mailboxes to classify the different type of letters such as personal mailbox, inbox, spam … However, occasionally, some spam still gets into personal mailbox. To remedy this situation, you can “guide” Gmail to sort mail.


If you see an unimportant letter sorted wrong place, you can go to Settings (three vertical dots) on the right corner of the screen then select Mark as not important. If you see an important message given to the spam mailbox, then you also do the same as above: in the Settings menu, you select Mark important, or Report not spam. From now on, Gmail will classify similar messages more accurately.

Above are 7 tips in the Gmail application for Android devices. g.mailsignin.org hopes with this procedures, your work will become more convenient and faster.

Lesson 9: Gmail app, 7 cool tricks you must try
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