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In the previous post which instructs on how to register Gmail, I had instructed you how to sign up a new Gmail account which has already had new avatar. Today, I am going to guide you how to set up theme background for your Gmail mailbox.

After having registered a new Gmail account, log in to Gmail by using the following link: https://gmail.com, Theme background image show when you enter Gmail is defaulted Inbox.gmail-theme-default

In these 3 new messages, Google guides you how to set up and use Gmail, Gmail tips and instructions to download the Gmail for mobile devices.

Instructions on How to setup Gmail’s theme background

  1. To set up theme for Gmail, click the logo Settings as shown below then click Themes.gmail-themes-settings
  2. Above are the available themes of Gmail so that you can choose, in addition, you can choose theme according to your custom themes.choose-gmail-theme
  3. We’ll try harder mode which is custom themes.

Here, you can select a photo with lots of options:


  1. Featured: These are images which are featured on Google, chosen and used by many people.
  2. My photos: Photos here are the photos you’ve uploaded online via Google account.
  3. Upload a photo: This item allows you to choose one photo you like to set theme.
  4. Paste a URL: There will be one text box for you to paste the link of one photo you like in any sites on the Internet
  5. Recently selected: These are recently-selected image to your Gmail theme.

Open Gmail faster on slow speed internet connection

Sign in Gmail faster when the Internet gets slow. When the speed of the Internet you are using gets slow and unsteady, you should us the HTML mode.

Sign in Gmail in a faster way when the Internet gets slow and unsteady. To log in Gmail faster, we use the HTML mode of Gmail, by using this mode, Gmail will discard all the prolix details in the interface and only leave simple details, which will help speed up the access to Gmail so much.

Below are instructions on how to access to Gmail by using HTML mode.  You can log in Gmail by using this link. And click “I’d like to use HTML Gmail

Alternatively, in the process of loading the Gmail inbox, click on the button “Load basic HTML” at the bottom of the right corner as shown below:
The image below is the Basic HTML mode’s Layout of Gmail. When the speed of the Internet becomes stable, you can return to the Gmail’s standard interface by clicking the “Switch to standard view” (as shown below) or by using this link.

How to mark all unread emails as read in Gmail

If you are having a Gmail inbox which is full of unread emails or emails that you haven’t check for long time ago, then maybe you’ll have difficulties in checking new emails. The following article will introduce you to some simple steps to mark all unread emails as read email in Gmail.com.

By this way, there is no need to install or use any other apps to run the program of selecting all emails in your Gmail. Please refer to these following steps:

Step 1: Log in your Gmail account > In the Search box > Type: “is:unread

Step 2: To mark all unread emails ads read, you select “All” > Select “Select All conversations that match this search” > “More” > Select “Mark as read”.




Step 3: If you have too many unread emails, a pop-up window appears and asks you to confirm selecting a large number of emails: “Confirm Bulk Action” > Click OK.


So, with some simple tasks, you are now able to mark all unread emails as read. Of course, all of them are not important and unnecessary to check. This will help you to save a lot of time, right?

Good luck!

Other tips for Gmail
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