Lesson 1: What’s Gmail? How to Create Gmail account?

[Infographic] How to Create a Gmail account?


Email or electronic mail is one of many strongly- developed services today. With an email account, you can send emails to your friends, relatives, business partners wherever they are (the only thing they need is the Internet). Nowadays, there are a lot of Email services such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail/Outlook, …

Just sign up for a Gmail account, you can use all Google services such as Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Drive … After you have created your Gmail account you will want to access it by performing a Gmail login.

What is Gmail?

Google launched Gmail after Hotmail and Yahoo, however, Gmail has become the most commonly used email service. Sign up for Gmail is free. You can sign up for multiple Gmail accounts and use just one phone number to confirm multiple Gmail accounts.

With Gmail, you can store mail up to 15G. About privacy, there is no need to worry because Google is always one of the safest online service providers today.

Having a Gmail account sign up will help you:

  • Send and receive email messages easily and quickly wherever you are with just an Internet connection.
  • Sign, use and synchronize with all Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, YouTube, Google Plus, Google Driver …
  • Use a Gmail account to sign up for online accounts like Facebook, Twitter, …
  • Send documents and attachments easily. For files with large capacities, Google will support you to Upload to Google Drive and share.
  • Download apps, games and books from Google Play

Gmail sign up

Notes before Sign up Gmail account:

  • You should delete Cache and browser history before sign up Gmail. The reason is that if someone or you have ever used that browser to sign up for Gmail, you will be asked to confirm signing up for Gmail though mobile phone. However, the verification though telephone number will help to secure your account better (You can use a phone number for multiple Gmail accounts).
  • Prepare a telephone number to receive SMS containing a verification code.
  • Google allows one person to create multiple Gmail accounts but if you tend to create multiple accounts for whatever purposes, they can be all deleted.

Introduce on How to create Gmail account in the fastest way

    1. Step 1: First, you visit Gmail.com, then choose Create Account or click on this button to signup Gmail:

create gmail account

    1. Step 2: In the Gmail sign up Form, you enter all the information that are required by Gmail.

gmail-registration-accountGuide to fill in information:

      • Name: Enter your first and last name. You can change or update it later.
      • Select your user name: Enter the Gmail nickname you want to set up in form of yourname@gmail.com. Gmail name may include letters, numbers and dots and must be between 6 and 30 characters. If it notifies that user name has already been in use. Try another username.
      • Password & Confirm your password: Gmail passwords are required to be at least 8 characters. You should use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters to have the safest password. You should not use easily guessed password like 12345678, your name, the name of a relative or birth date, phone number …
      • Birthday: Enter your date of birth. Under the provisions of Google, if by the time you create your Gmail, you have not been 13 years old, then you couldn’t create your Gmail account . So please pay attention to this section.
      • Gender: Choose your gender (Male, female or other).
      • Mobile: Enter your phone number. This option is not required, but you should enter your phone number. Because if you forget your password, you can easily restore password or change it via this phone number.
      • Your current email address: If you have already had another account then please enter your email here. Linking your old email account and the Gmail account which is about to be create will help you easily retrieve your password when you forget or lost it.
      • Skip this verification step: If you tick this box, you don’t need to enter captcha code below. However in the next step you will need to enter a verification code sent to your phone number to complete the registration.
      • Enter the captcha: Enter the number you see in the picture above this bracket. Click the circle arrow button beside to switch to other image, or click the speaker icon below to listen to the verification code instead.
      • Check the box I agree to the Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

After you complete the information requested by Gmail, you click Next.

  1. Step 3: Set your personal profile. You can set it immediately or put it aside. Press Next
  2. Step 4: Click Continue to go to Gmail.com. You will be redirect to your Gmail inbox immediately.

Congratulate! You’ve successfully create Gmail account. From now on, you can login Gmail and use Gmail to send and receive emails.

How to change your Gmail password?

In experts’s opinion, you should change Gmail password at 2-3 month. Google – father of Gmail – also encourages that the user should change Google account’s password regularly. If you want to change Gmail’s password, you can refer to tips below.


The notes which you need to care when change to password

  • You change to Gmail’s password , that is you also change to all of Google account’s password, such as Youtube, HC play, GoogleMaps, Google Plus…
  • You should turn off capslock when you enter password
  • The longer your password are, the securitier your password are. The password should be mixed by characters, symbols and numbers, capital characters…

Change or reset your Google Account password

  1. Click to the button below: change-gmail-password
  2. Enter to information which Google requests.

Another way:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Go to Settings and choose “Accounts and Import”.
  • Click “Change your password” where you will be required to enter your current password and your new password.
  • Confirm your new password and then select the button “Change Password”.

Note: the new password must have 8 characters at least. You should mix capital characters and numbers and symbols… to security password. You shouldn’t use simple password as :12345678, your name, your birthday, your number phone…

  1. Then, you press the button : “Change password”.
  2. After change to Gmail password successfully, you will be cameback to the setting account page.

The next time when you access to Gmail,  remembering to use new password ! Successfully!

Note: If you forget  your password, you can press link “Recover your Gmail password“.

How to change the displayed name in Gmail?

Instructions on how to change the displayed name in Gmail. If you want to change the current name of your Gmail account, see the instructions below, please.

For some reasons, you want to change the name displayed on outgoing messages from Gmail (Gmail name), then see the instructions below for renaming.


Method 1: Rename Gmail name only

Step 1: Sign in your Gmail account.

Step 1: Access to the following URL: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#settings/accounts

Step 2: Click on the Edit information ( edit info).

Step 3: Click the circle under the Gmail name you are using and enter your new Gmail name in the box beside. Then click Save Changes.

So, you’ve already changed your name displayed on messages sent from Gmail!

Method 2: Rename Google plus name

Step 1: Access to your Google Plus through the following URL: https://plus.google.com/u/0/

Step 2: Click Home -> Profile

Step 3: Click your name to edit

Step 4: Click “More options

Step 5: Enter your new Google account (Gmail). See how your new Gmail name will be displayed in “Display my name as”. Then click Save.

Step 6: A new window appears, click the Rename button to confirm!

Lesson 2: Gmail login, 2-step verification, Problems when signing in?

If you sign in to www.Gmail.com, you need to possess a Gmail account. You can create Gmail account incase you haven’t had. And It’s really easy to sign up for a new Gmail account. After that, you will have a username and a password, you can sign in Gmail.com with both two.

How to login to Gmail.com?

If you aren’t really sure how to login Gmail.com – you don’t need to worry, we will show you step by step how to sign in to your Gmail account.

6 simple steps to sign in to Gmail

  1. First, access to gmail website: gmail.com or you can click here to access quickly.
  2. Then, you can see the interface where you can enter your email address and password. Please enter your email address in the first line of the interface, you must use the email address you have selected during the creating of your account.
  3. Next, Enter the password you have used at your registration in the second line. Please make sure that you enter the right password that belongs to the entered e-mail address.
  4. Finally, Are you sure that you’ve entered both your e-mail address and password? Then click the blue Sign in button.
  5. Congratulations, you have now successfully signed in to your account. It’s really easy to login to Gmail account, isn’t it ?
  6. You can use 2-step verification so that your Gmail account will be better secured.

Note: When logging in, you can also choose whether Google needs to remember your password for you or not. If you choose yes, it will automatically save your password, and you don’t have to enter it again when you visit your e-mail the next times.

This helps you not have to remember your password. However, if other people are also using your computer, they will easily login your account. Therefore, be careful when letting Google remember your Gmail.com password.

How to login multiple Gmail accounts at the same time?

When you have multiple accounts, it is sometimes difficult for you to log into all of them at the same time. Gmail.com allows a person to register multiple accounts. However, in normal way, you can simply log into a Gmail account on the web browser which you are using.

According to the provisions of Gmail, you can sign up for Gmail with unlimited quantities – one person can register and own how many Gmail accounts they want. However, when having many accounts, they’ll find it difficult to log in to check e-mail on multiple accounts at the same time, maybe you’ll have to sign out and then back in again many times, or even to install multiple browsers simultaneously, each browser for each Gmail account, which is quite uncomfortable.

So, today, I’m going to introduce you on how to register as well as sign in multiple Gmail accounts at once in the same browser. Note that if you haven’t had a Gmail account, please visit this link and register Gmail as introductions:

Method 1: Log into 2 Gmail accounts using incognito mode

Using your browser’s built-in incognito combinated with private-browsing mode can help you to log in 2 Gmail accounts at the same time.

  • With Google Chrome browser, you can enter incognito mode by opening the browser and press Ctrl + Shift + N
  • With Safari Mac OS, you can press UP ARROW + COMMAND + N
  • With Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer browser, you can enter incognito mode by opening the browser and press Crtl + Shift + P


Method 2: Log into multiple Gmail accounts using many different Web browsers

With each web browser opened, you can sign in a Gmail account, so, the more web browsers you have, the more Gmail accounts you can sign in.

Below are some of the most popular web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Knock Knock
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera,..vv..

Method 3: Sign in multiple gmail accounts in the same browser

At the first place, you sign in to the first Gmail account as usual. After successfully signing in, click on the account’s symbol at the top right corner, then you’ll see the box containing your account information such as name, email address, logo,…Now, look at the bottom of that box and you’ll see Add account (as in the image below). Click on that item and you’ll be able to sign in to other Gmail accounts.


During using Gmail, if you want to switch to any other e-mail, click on the symbol of your account so that Gmail will show you list of Gmail accounts you’ve signed in. Choose the email you want to sign in and Gmail will automatically sign in to that one. So, from now on, you can use multiple Gmail account in the same browser without having to sign out and back in again for many times.

How to enable 2-step verification

Secured with 2 layers of password  help your Gmail account inviolable. Two-step verification feature is an immensely powerful security feature of Gmail in particular and Google in general.

If you turn on 2-step verification, each time you log in Gmail, a message containing the confirmation code will be sent to your phone number which you had registered 2-step verification. Without this code, you will not be able to log in to Gmail. If you turn on 2-step verification, the ability of  losing your Gmail account becomes very difficult.

Note: When you turn on 2-step verification for Gmail account, it means you also turn on 2-step verification for all other Google services such as Google Plus, Google Maps, Youtube …

What you need to prepare to turn 2-step verification for Gmail

  1. Sign in Gmail account.
  2. There is a phone number (you can use a phone number 2-step verification for multiple Gmail accounts).

Guidelines of enabling 2-step verification for Gmail

Step 1: Access to the following URL: https://www.google.com/settings/personalinfo

Step 2: Click on the Security tab, scroll to Signing in to Google and select 2-step verification.

Step 3: Click on “Start setup

Step 4: Enter your phone number  for Gmail to send a verification code to your 2-step cell phone number, there are two ways to send the code which are  Text messages (SMS) and Voice call . In this case, I will choose Text messages (SMS).
Having made your choice, click Send code.

Step 5: Gmail will send a confirmation code of 6 numbers for you. Enter this code  into the frame Enter the verification code and click Verify.

Step 6: Establish reliable computer. If you’re using a personal computer, you can tick into the box Trust this computer so that the Gmail’s login later on this machine will not be required  2-step verification anymore and vice versa. Click Next to continue.

Step 7: Click Confirm to agree to enable 2 – step verification for Gmail.

Now that you’ve already turned on 2-step verification feature for Gmail. From the next time you log in to Gmail, you will be asked to enter the confirmation code which is sent to your phone, without this number, you will not be able to log in Gmail (The computer is selected as Trust will not be required 2-step verification as well).

Gmail.com sign in problem

If you have a strong password (or just a very bad memory), you can forget your password anytime. Don’t worry! Gmail will help you recover password. Gmail provided a password recovery sevice, which make it possible to reset your password in just a few seconds. You can follow the steps to reset your Gmail password now.

How to recover Gmail password in the fastest way

  1. Access to the following URL: https://accounts.google.com
  2. Click on the line “Need help?” as shown below.
  3. Gmail will ask you to choose one of the incident logins that you encountered. Click on the circle next to the line “I don’t know my password” and click Continue.forgot-password-gmail
  4. Then appearing an Enter the email address box. Enter your Gmail account’s address in the box below the line E-mail address and click Continued.
  5. Continue to click on “I don’t know
  6. Choose way of getting a verification code to your account via SMS or call (recommended SMS). Having selected, click Continue.
  7. This time there will be a message containing a confirmation code of 6 numbers sent to your phone. Enter this code in the box “Enter that code here” and press Next (If you have not received a message containing a confirmation code, retry by clicking on below of the button Continued)
  8. You’ll be taken to the “Gmail password reset” window (new password must be at least 8 characters). Having entered new password, click Reset password.
  9. Notification of successfully reset Gmail password appears.

Note: Can’t access this recovery option? Verify your identity by answering multiple questions about your account.

How to set up and use a recovery email address

Setup a recovery email address, use recovery email to secure your Gmail account. You can use this secondary email to sign in Gmail, Reset password and perform many other tasks.
The establishment of alternative and recovery email is one of the security settings that you can not ignore to keep your Gmail account secure.

Note: You can quickly access to Step 6 by using the following link: https://accounts.google.com/b/0/UpdateAccountRecoveryOptions?hl=en
And login, but you are encouraged to follow the instructions step by step to remember them easilier.


Step 1: Log in your Gmail account.

Step 2: At the Gmail window, click on your avatar (at the top of the right corner) and then click My Account.

Step 3: In tab “Personal info privacy“, click on the line “Your personal info“.
Step 4: Click on the “Right arrow” button in the Email box.

Step 5: Click “Edit” in Other Emails.

Step 6: Enter the email you want to use as replacement and recovery email to your Gmail account in the “Add a new alternative address” and then click Save.

Note: You can use alternate email addresses to sign in to your Google Account, recover your password, and more. Alternate email addresses can only be associated with one Google Account at a time. If only want to use recovery email, you click on Click here link like image bellow:
Step 7: If you click on the link setup interface will switch to recovery email settings instead of alternate address. You fill in email recovery then click Save.

Step 8: Notification of successfully added recovery email appears, but you still need confirm this email.

Step 9: Now, log in the alternative email or recovery email entered on step 6 and you will see a new mail sent by Google to confirm.

Step 10: Open this mail, click “this” in the letter to confirm.

Step 11: The notification of  successfully confirmed alternative and recovery email appears.

Note: For some reasons, you forget the password of your Gmail account. See how to recover it here: How to recover Gmail password in the fastest way

Gmail sign out

You have done your job with Gmail and want to sign out of your account? Please visit the Gmail website, you will find the button “Logout” in the right top corner. Click this button to sign yourself out of your account.

Wish you’ll use Gmail more proficiently !!!

Lesson 10: Gmail security, things you should and shouldn’t do

Email security: Things you should and shouldn’t do. See if you have ever made some of these following mistakes.

Gmail account as well as many other online accounts  always entail certain risks if you do not know how to secure account in the best way. Let’s see what you should and should not do to keep your Gmail is safest!

Things you should do to keep your Gmail account safer

  1. Put a very strong password, the password is not too short, includes letters, numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase.
  2. Change Gmail password regularly.
  3. Always login with SSL mode (https 🙂 of Gmail.
  4. Should confirm the phone number if possible.
  5. Should setup 2-step verification if possible.
  6. Should setup recovery email for your Gmail account.

Add backup phone numbers for 2-step verification

To ensure the safety of Gmail.com account. This article is still in the “Gmail security tips and tricks” article. Today I’m going to share you more about the 2nd phone number used to reserve in 2-step verification. Why? The reason is that in case you lose the phone, then tips that I introduce you on how to log in the 2-step verification in the previous post will no longer be effective. That is why you should add a backup phone number.

It’s really simple to setup this. After enabling the 2-step verification mentioned above, the first time you log into Gmail, there appears an interface asking you to provide a backup phone. Here you enter the 2nd phone number in the dialog and click “Save“.


Same as above, a message will be sent to this backup phone number, which contains the phone number confirmation code. Enter the confirmation code in the next step.

How to log into your Gmail account when you’re not having your phone beside?

One problem arises when activating the 2-step verification is that you must have your phone beside you to get the 2nd password. However, in case you forgot your phone, there would be another way to log into your Gmail account as usual.

To solve this, you access to here, log into the Gmail account which you had activated the 2-step verification mode. Select Settings in the 2-step verification.

After that, a web page appears, you pull down and click on Print or download in the Backup codes.


Then, Google will create a list of 10 random codes that you can use to log into your Gmail account without having to use a verification code sent to your phone by text message.

You should print or write down these codes and keep them beside to use in case you forgot your phone or didn’t receive text message from Google.

1 code can be used just once. Therefore, if you use up these 10 codes, do the same as above to get other 10 ones.

This article was synthesized from internet.

How to check whether someone is not you’re signed in to your gmail account

Check if anyone else logged in your Gmail account. This will help you to realize unusual signs of your Gmail account.
This may be a feature of Gmail account in particular and Google accounts in general that some of  us till don’t know.

To check recent activities of Gmail, access to the following link:


Note: Be sure that you’ve signed in your Gmail account.
Here, Google will list the most recent times you log in Gmail account with the parameters such as from which operating systems you logged in, which browsers, and where you logged in.

With these statistics, you can detect suspicious activities which are related to your Gmail account so that you can change the password promptly.
As shown above, there is an unusual activity that is “The verification code entered is not valid” (enable 2-step verification).

Wish you manage your Gmail account better !

 Things you should not do to secure your Gmail account

  1. Never reveal anyone your Gmail password.
  2. Do not log in your Gmail account on web which are not Google’s websites.
  3. Do not sign in your Gmail account containing important information in public places such as Internet cafés, wifi cafe …
  4. Do not sign in your email if there is notification like you have won something (from a stranger) and ask you to sign in your Gmail account to confirm you are winner.

Lesson 5: Check new mail without login and Sign out Gmail account from all devices

Anytime you have new messages, there will be notifications immediately appearing on the browser you are using. This is awesome, right?

How to check for new mail in Gmail without logging in

If you usually check for new mail everyday, everytime, you’d better use those add-ons introduced below. This will make your checking for new mail in Gmail much more convenient.

With Google Chrome

Use add-on Google Mail Checker. Click here for setting.

Click Free for setting, then a window will appear, require you to confirm if you want to set add-on. Click Add to agree to set add-on.

After having installed add-on, you will see the symbol of Google Mail Checker (Gmail symbol) on the top right of Chrome or Coc Coc browser. You’ll receive notifications of new messages here.

Google Mail Checker

Checking for new mail in Gmail without logging in

With Firefox browser

Use add-on Gmail™ Notifier Plus. Download here.

Click Add to Firefox, then appears a window to confirm the setting, click on Setting now to start installing.

After the installation have finished, you’ll see the Gmail™ Notifier Plus symbol on the top right corner of Firefox browser where you will receive notifications of new messages.

Gmail™ Notifier Plus

How to logout Gmail.com account from all devices

This tip will help you log out of Gmail.com from any remote devices such as tablet PC, mobile phones.
This is also a trick you should know in order to secure more Gmail accounts. That’s when you detect abnormal signs of  logining your Gmail account (see how to check here), you can sign out of Gmail on all devices, then you should change your password and create a two-layer Gmail password (which are imprescriptible) for Gmail by using your phone number.

Log out of Gmail from all login sessions on any devices

  1. Step 1: Sign in Gmail, pull down till the bottom of Gmail window, click on the line Details.details-gmail-account.
  2. Step 2: Click “Sign out all other web sessions“.sign-out-all-other-web-sessions
  3. Step 3: Wait a minute, you’ll see the notification “Successfully signed out all other sessions“.successfully-signed-out-all-other-sessions

Besides, you can also check the IP address and location where you log in as well as the time when you log in Gmail account.
Wish you use Gmail more professionally!

9 Ways to Make Gmail Faster and effective

Gmail is one of the most widely used email services because of the simplicity, convenience and good synchronization supports with multiple different devices and platforms.
In addition to the basic features, Google has added to Gmail a lot of features that make the handling of our daily email become much simpler. In this article I will share with you these things.


Using Chrome and Firefox to display notifications when new messages arrive

Chrome and Firefox have separate systems of notification of this browser and Gmail takes advantage of  both of them very well. Whenever you have new email, as long as the browser is open, you can quickly be informed by a small box near the Clock bar (for Windows) or on the upper right of the screen (for OS X). When clicking on the notification, you will be immediately redirected to the new incoming email, then, you can view or answer it in an extremely fast way. Instead of using separate mail management application, you can use this Notification feature for its convenience.

To enable this feature, login to Gmail, click on the cogwheel icon (Settings) General tab Desktop Notifications. Click the “Chat notifications on
Here you have 3 options:

  • New Mail Notifications on – see notifications when any email is sent to the mailbox
  • Important Mail Notifications on – only report messages marked as important
  • Mail Notifications Off – no notification

Once completely setting up, then click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen to complete.

Cancel sending an Email

Surely, there was one time in your life you wished that there would be an Undo button to destroy the content of a wrongly- sent email, such as a letter of confessing to his girlfriend but he suddenly realized that’s not the very moment to confess, or he misdirected it to another person.
Luckily, Google understands that and has made the dream come true. Although it’s still in the experimental stage, but you can enable it by going to Settings Labs Undo Send Enable, and then click the Save Changes button. Note that you can only cancel the mail in a few seconds after pressing the Send button.

Some common shortcuts

Ctrl + b: bold text
Ctrl + i: italic text
Ctrl + u: underlined
Ctrl + Shift + 7: Create a list of numbered bullets.
Ctrl + Shift + 8: Create a list of typing bullets.
Ctrl + k: Fast insert a link to selected text.
Additionally you can also enable some advanced shortcuts by accessing the Settings General Keyboard shortcuts, select “On”, click Save Changes. These keys include:
C: quickly create a new letter
D: create a new message in a separate tab
F: forward mail
E: mail archives
#: Deleted mail
/: Search
Shift + i: mark as read
Shift + u: mark as unread
Ctrl + S to save a draft of a letter which is being drafted

Exploit Auto-Categorization feature

Last year, Gmail was added auto-classification feature email based on various sections, such as advertising, forums, messages updated from new pages or main mail (including mail from friends, relatives, colleagues, offices …). By defaulting this feature, it will run automatically and be pretty accurate, but if you want to customize it, it is still doable.
For example, when you find a letter from a close friend, but it strays into the “Forum” inbox, you can choose that email, drag and then drop it into the inbox entitled “Primary“. Similarly, if the advertising messages happen to reach the “Primary” inbox, you just have to drag and drop it into the “Forum” inbox. After finishing moving, you’ll be asked whether you want to apply the classification like that for future emails or not, select “Yes” so we do not bother to do it again.

Besides, by defaulting, only the current messages in the mailbox “Primary” will be notified through the mobile device (if you are using Gmail app provided by Google, ether iOS or Android). If you want the app to notify all incoming messages, regardless of whatever mailbox classified is, run the app up, go to Settings (gear icon) Notifications All new messages.

Quickly insert canned content into mail

This is a feature of Gmail that allows us to insert a piece of content which has already been prepared to the mail quickly. Canned response is useful when you need to send the same content of letters lots of times, so you will save a lot of time. To activate it, go to Settings Labs card, then turn on Canned Response and do not forget to click “Save changes”.
Now, just draft a new message and click on the small arrow located in the lower right corner of the composing mail window, choose Canned response New Canned response to name and save the contents. In the future use, just go to the menu Canned response and you can see things you have prepared before, if you want to insert a content, you just have to select it.

Archive email

Did you know that the letter which was read, in addition to be erased, you can store (archive) them? This feature is great because you can guarantee that your mailbox is not only always clean but also fully retains important emails, do not worry about when you suddenly need them but they were deleted. To archive messages, all you need to do is select the desired e-mail and click the button Archive as highlighted in the image below. When you want to find them, you may use the Gmail search box.
Also, you can setup in order that email can be automatically archived right after you have replied to a letter. So you will not have to implement it yourself anymore, save time!
To install, go to Settings Send and Archive ShowSend & Archive” button in reply. From now on, whenever you reply, you will see a new button to apply the aforementioned feature.

How to select all email in the inbox at the same time

This trick is tiny but extremely strong, it allows us to select all messages in one inbox with just one mouse click. Maybe you thought that the check mark at the top of the line used to select all email is enough, but in fact it only select the email which is being displayed, while the series below are not. To select all, you must click on the “Select all conversation…”

Offline Gmail

Did you know that you can read and reply to messages even when you do not have Internet connection? You can use the Chrome browser Gmail Offline Chrome combined with Apps to carry out their actions. All these actions will be put in a queue and as soon as the network is connected again, they will in turn be executed.

Mute a conversation

Tired of tracking of emails not important from your colleges while you are not related to them? No problem, Gmail allows you to turn off the notification of a certain conversation to avoid inconveniences.
In selected conversations, go to More Mute. From now on, you just see emails which are sent to your own or when your address appears in the To: or CC:

Add to-do list

Normally, you use the other apps to create a to-do list, but with Gmail, the Google has already integrated this feature for us. You go to the main interface of Gmail, select a certain letter (for example, a private letter in which your wife tell you to buy food for kids), click More Add to Tasks.
Immediately, a new task will appear in the list of things to do, from which you can add the date and time expired, notes … In case you are using the reminder application supports synchronization with Google then this action will also be synchronized down and notice when it’s time to remind. Later, if you want to review emails related to that action, click on Related on line and then everything is finished!
Good luck!